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About Rösträtt

The choir Rösträtt (here meaning “right to open one's mouth and to have a voice”) based in the small rural town Alvesta in south Sweden, is a mixed choir with a broad repertoire including several genres from jazz and folksongs to sacred music. Performances are mostly given in concert halls and churches; however, singing at local fairs or in the streets of Alvesta happens quite regularly too …

The choir was founded in 1975, by amongst others, the legendary musician and well-known profile Sten-Roger Elmgren, who also was the conductor until 2006 when he handed over the condudtor's baton to Sven Rydgård.
Sadly, Sten-Roger passed away in January 2015 and we all miss him tremendously.
Sven has since then (2006) been leading the choir from strenght to stenght, often by challenge the choir to take on music that is new and/or difficult to sing and perform. Sven is the main reason that Rösträtt has developed this far - the Beatles show in May 2011 is the very proof of such a developement.

The Rösträtt choir is a closely-knit group of singers who all share a genuine love of music and a passion to sing. Once you join our choir you will never want to quit! Several of the singers have been members since the start and today Rösträtt boasts thirty plus members. Every Monday evening during school term is practice night. When there is a performance at hand practice sessions can be more frequent and intensive; sometimes covering a full weekend with a hostel stopover.

Through the years Rösträtt has travelled to many European countries and visited local choirs. We also act as host to visiting choirs from other countries.


Rösträtt has often been associated with jazz music and “music that is full of go” - sometimes performed together with skilled jazz musicians. Some examples of the “music that is full of go”:

- The way you look tonight
- All the things you are
- I left my heart in San Francisco

At Christmas the choir can be heard singing in churches, nursing homes and in the streets and squares of Alvesta. In addition to old, traditional, beloved Swedish Christmas songs well-known carols from Great Britain and USA are sung with joy from the bottom of our hearts.

For a couple of years Rösträtt has taken on some of the great classic composers; Bach and Händel for example, and the last three years the Bach Cantata no 140 (also known as Wachet Auf) has been performed with professional solo singers and musicians.

The year 2011, in conjunction with the annual Rösträtt Spring Concert, a brand new collaboration with the band The Fleppards began - as instrumental reinforcement to the Beatles Songs performed. This cooperation has since just continued and continued, and we hope that it will long continue.

Our A Capella repertoire contain lots of music to perform any time and any where …

The rest of our repertoire consists mainly of Swedish folk songs, which are highly appreciated. We also enjoy singing songs in Polish, Czech, German, Finnish as well as English.


For a taste of how Rösträtt sounds - go to Ljudklipp and click any of the links ...

Twin choirs

Through the years Rösträtt has travelled far and wide and made lasting friendships with choirs abroad. Particularly noteworthy are the Rushmoor Choir from England, Rot-Weiss in Germany and Musica Fortuna in the Czech Republic.


Rushmoor Choir, Rushmoor - Great Britain
Junikören Gospel, Ingelstad - Sweden
Musikgruppe Rotweiss, Lengede - Germany
Musica Fortuna, Turnov - Czech Republic
Coro Polifonico Giovannini Fermignano - Italy


For further information please contact:

Choirmaster: Dorothea Knust
Chairperson: Eva Aronsson